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Project Description

Premises Regional Information Management Ecosystem (PRIME) project integrates premises information, diagnostic information and animal movement from the participating swine production systems to monitor disease activity in near real-time. This enables decrease in time to identify emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and makes it accessible to key stakeholders for data-driven swine health and management. The project is a collaboration between the FieldEpi team at Iowa State University and the Modern Protein Partnership LLC.


FieldEpi Team:

Swaminathan Jayaraman, Kinath Rupasinghe, Ana Paula Silva, Daniel Linhares, Giovani Trevisan, and Gustavo Silva


Modern Protein Partnership LLC (MPP),

Iowa State University - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory,

University of Minnesota - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory,

NeoGen Labs,


Animal Health Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (AHMES)