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Description of the Premises Information Project

Premises Information Project (PIP) is a project that aims to integrate premises information, diagnosticinformation and animal movement from the participating swine production systems to monitor diseaseactivity in near real-time thus decreasing the time to identify emerging and re-emerging infectious diseasesand make it accesible to key stakeholders for data-driven swine health and management. The project is acollaboration between the FieldEpi team at Iowa State University and the Modern Pork Partnership LLC.


FieldEpi Team:

Swaminathan Jayaraman, Kinath Rupasinghe, Ana Paula Silva, Daniel Linhares, Giovani Trevisan, and Gustavo Silva

Iowa State University - Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Bret Crim and Rodger Main


Modern Pork Partnership LLC (MPP), Global Vet Link (GVL), and Animal Health Monitoring and EvaluationSystems (AHMES)