Cross-disciplinary materials 

This section includes information about different epidemiology topics related to the swine industry. Relevant information for swine veterinarian daily routine.

TitleLink to Material
Applied field epidemiology

> Linhares et al., Measuring causal relationships from observational datasets. Leman 2021 presentation.
> Linhares et al., Aplicación de epidemiología de campo para mejorar la productividad y salud de poblaciones porcinas [Spanish]. Congreso Asociación Mexicana de Veterinarios Especialistas en Cerdos (AMVEC). Aug 05, 2021.
>Magalhães et al., The next-generation of (PRRSV) regional control programs. MS defense @ ISU. April 6, 2021.
>Linhares et al., 2018. Applications of population-based tools to enable Precision Livestock Farming. ISU Workshop on PLF in Ames, IA. Dec 6, 2018.
>Linhares et al., Strategies to prevent, detect, and manage PRRSV infections. FarmaTalks Conference. Aug 12, 2020. [Portuguese].
Economic impact

>Silva et al., Using field data to create bio-economic models for decision making .2022 Data-Driven Decision Making Seminar
>Linhares et al., Measuring the economic impact of swine diseases under field conditions. 333 Experience Congress 2020 [Spanish].
>Linhares et al., Gestão sanitária em épocas de crise. SuínoTalks 2020 [Portuguese].
>Linhares et al., 2020 K-State Swine Profitability Conference.
Time management

Trevisan et al., Effective time management: getting the things done. 53rd Annual Meeting, 2022.