Disease Prevention

Disease Prevention (Biosecurity)

We have focused on development and evaluation of strategies to help producers and veterinarians to assess biosecurity under field conditions:

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Sow Mortality

> Paiva et al., Risk factors associated with sow mortality in breeding herds under one production system in the Midwestern United States. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2023.
Biosecurity Articles

> Serafini Poeta Silva et al., Compliance of biosecurity practices for compartmentalization to foot-mouth disease and classical swine fever viruses in commercial swine companies from southern Brazil. Frontiers. 2023
> Silva et al., General biosecurity scoring system. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2019.
> Silva et al., Development and validation of a scoring system to assess the relative vulnerability of swine breeding herds to the introduction of PRRS virus. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 2018.
> Silva et al.,  Biosecurity at your hands: measure risks to control losses. National Hog Farmer. Oct, 2018.