Swine Data Surveillance System

Swine Data Surveillance System


This is a project where producers and veterinarians can closely monitor changes in key productivity parameters from sow farms. Each user gets a farm-specific username and password and can access a secure data-encrypted portal to upload daily or weekly numbers of aborts, sows off-feed, prenatal losses, and pre-weaning losses.

Every time users upload their data, the system scans for deviations from the farm-specific baseline. When there is a significant increase in any of the parameters, the program sends an automated email notification to the farm user(s), suggesting to verify the cause of variation – which may be a disease outbreak.

Here is the link for the program, which is mobile, tablet, and computer-friendly:


There is no cost to join!

If you are interested in this project, please contact us:

Mafalda Mil-Homens (mafalda@iastate.edu)

Gustavo Silva (gustavos@iastate.edu)

Daniel Linhares (linhares@iastate.edu)


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