Please find below links for material about recent presentations of the FieldEpi team at conferences around the world covering topics about disease prevention, detection, management, and forecasting. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any clarification regarding any of the projects.

American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV)

> Silva and Linhares, Basics of sampling considerations: Allotment over space and time, sample sizes, and age groups. AASV 2023.
>Trevisan, Cracking the whole genome sequencing code: How to visualize and make sense of the results. AASV 2023.
> Rademacher et al., A practical approach to early intervention to reduce sow mortality. AASV 2023.
>Machado et al. An outbreak investigation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 15 in Iowa in 2021-22. AASV 2023.
> Jayaraman et al. Developing an automated classification system based on real-time diagnostic. AASV 2023.
> Magalhães et al. Forecasting and identifying the drivers of nursery mortality before placement. AASV 2023.
>Magalhães et al. Impact of sow farm PED outbreaks on the downstream nursery performance in the absence of PRRS acute herds. AASV 2023.
>Osemeke et al., In-silico characterization of the relationship between the PRRSV prevalence at the piglet and litter levels in a farrowing room. AASV 2023.
> Mil-Homens et al., Integrating operational data to detect early signs of PRRSV introduction into sow farms. AASV 2023.
> Osemeke et al., Pooling considerations for serum, processing fluids, and family oral fluids. AASV 2023.
> Magalhães et al. Postweaning mortality: Key findings through data analysis. AASV 2023.  
> Silva et al., Assessing anti-PRRSV biosecurity. 2018 AASV annual meeting proceedings.
> Linhares, Serum, tongue tips, processing fluids, and family oral fluids: When to use each one. AASV 2023.
> Machado et al., Tongue-tip fluids What are they, and how are they used? AASV 2023. 
> Mil-Homens et al., Using production and clinical data to scene for PRRSV outbreaks. AASV 2023.

Leman Conference

> Linhares et al., Measuring causal relationships from observational datasets. Leman 2021 presentation.
> Linhares & Trevisan., Production implications & macro-epidemiological aspects associated with the emergence of new strains, and within breeding herd PRRSV genetic variability. Leman conference (China).
> Edison Magalhães. Forecasting Swine Health & Productivity. Leman 2019 presentation
>Trevisan et al., Time to stability in breeding farms operated on a 4 week batch-farrowing system, based on processing fluids monitoring. 2019 Leman conference.
>Trevisan, Johnson, et al, MLV impact in naïve breeding herds. 2019  Leman conference.
> Moura et al., Effect of frequency of wild-type detection and/or viral diversity on wean to finish mortality. 2019 Leman conference.
> Trevisan et al., Genetic diversity of RFLP types within and between US states. 2019 Leman conference.
> Trevisan et al., 2018 Leman Pre-Conference slides
> Linhares et al. Processing Fluids, 2018 Leman Conference slides
> Linhares et al. 2018 Leman Conference: monitoring PRRSV
>Linhares et al., 2017 Leman Conference slides
>Linhares et al: TTS and TTBP of outbreaks with 1-7-4 PRRSV. 2015 Leman conference.
>Linhares et al. Assessing impact of 1-7-4 on wean to finish pig health. Leman conference 2015.
North American PRRS symposium

> Guilherme Cezar. Swine Disease Reporting System: A tool for emerging swine disease investigation. NA PRRS 2022
> Edison Magalhães. Forecasting Swine Health & Productivity. NA PRRS 2019 presentation
Iowa State Univeristy McKean Swine Disease Conference & Iowa Pork Congress

> Linhares et al., 2024 Update on PRRSV monitoring & outbreak management.
> Edison Magalhães (2019 McKean conference)
> Moura et al. Dynamics of wild type PRRSV detection 2019 ISU McKean Swine Disease Conference. 
> Trevisan. Summary and implication of SDRS results. 2019 McKean conference.
> Silva et al., Identifying biosecurity aspects associated with PRRS outbreaks: minimum number of questions that when combined give great correlation w/ frequency of outbreaks. 2018 ISU McKean.
>Rawal et al., 2018 ISU McKean conference
> Trevisan et al., 2018 ISU James McKean conference slides.
> Trevisan et al. 2018 McKean workshop: PF applications.
> Lopez et al., 2018 ISU McKean conference: pooling effect
> Almeida et al. 2018 McKean Workshop: FOF applications
> Almeida et al. 2018 ISU McKean Conference: summary field studies on FOF
American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD)

> Trevisan 2019. Aggregating results and summarizing findings from multiple VDLs on a near real-time basis. AAVLD annual meeting. Providence, RI.
> Trevisan 2019. Disease detection at a veterinary diagnostic laboratory based on diagnostician interpretation and diagnostic codes. AAVLD annual meeting. Providence, RI.
ISU swine day and IVMA

> Linhares et al., 2024. Production data in decision-making. IVMA.
>Silva et al. 2021 Recent findings on PRRS virus monitoring, control, and prevention.
>Moura et al. 2019 ISU Swine peer group meeting slides.
>Linhares et al., 2018. Applications of population-based tools to enable Precision Livestock Farming. ISU Workshop on PLF in Ames, IA. Dec 6, 2018.
>Linhares et al., 2017 Update on PRRS stability studies…and quick updates on PRRS detection and biosecurity. 2017 Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Conference slides.
ISU Swine Debate > Giovani Trevisan (ISU Swine Debate Group meeting, October 2019)
>Moura et al. Characterizing finishing mortality: effect of whole-herd health and production parameters. 2017 ISU Swine Debate Group.
Carthage Swine Conference
>Trevisan et al. Strategic use of information from diagnostic monitoring to mitigate the cost of PRRS. 2019 Annual Carthage Veterinary System Conference.
International Pig Veterinary Society Conference

> Paiva et al. Sow Mortality. IPVS Conference 2022.
> Moraes et al. Macroepidemiological aspects of Influenza A virus detection. IPVS Conference 2022.
> Moraes et al. Veterinarian assessment of Influenza A virus impact. IPVS Conference 2022.
International Conferences

>Mil-homens et al. Early detect PRRSV using number of sow off-feed and abortion. 2022 International Symposium of Veterinry Epidemiology and Economics.
>Silva et al. Uso de ferramentas para tomada de decisão estratégicas na suinocultura [Portuguese]. Simposio Internacional de Suinocultura 2022.
>Linhares et al., 2020 K-State Swine Profitability Conference.
>Linhares et al., Measuring the economic impact of swine diseases under field conditions. 333 Experience Congress 2020 [Spanish].
>Linhares et al., Strategies to prevent, detect, and manage PRRSV infections. FarmaTalks Conference. Aug 12, 2020. [Portuguese].
> Linhares et al., 2020. Advances on biosecurity in response to economically significant emerging pathogens. ABCS webinar on biosecurity – slides in Portuguese.
> Linhares et al. Summary SDRS findings. 2019 OASV (Collingwood, Ontario).
> Linhares et al., 2019 AVIA conference: Applications for comprehensive and/or simplified biosecurity scoring systems in swine breeding herds.
> Linhares et al., 2019 American PRRSpective meeting, Mexico.
> Linhares et al., 2019 Mexico. Macro-epidemiological aspects of major pathogens affecting the US swine industry.
>Linhares et a., Gestao Sanitaria de Precisao. Webinar Farmabase [Portuguese].